System Development



N2 Solutions will work with you to listen to current issues or challenges and then determine the best course of action. Our company aims to recommend the best plan that not only solves your current issues, but allows you to grow in the future.

IT Tech Support

We can assist with the installation, and configuration of end-user computers, laptops, and other equipment. Following installation, we will maintain and repair of physical devices. We will track, manage, and maintain a record of all physical IT assets within an organization.


We offer support for you and your staff. This includes new user and existing staff support. Our support includes: user provisioning, new equipment, technical support questions, and training to keep staff using the best processes.

Infrastructure SERVICES


Our strategy revolves around highly customized architecture solutions for your business and specific company. If existing software does not match your companies needs entirely, N2 media offers custom development to either extend existing software or create new ones.


Our team can build a solid physical foundation for your network by implementing routers, switches, firewalls, cabling and other hardware components. From there we will keep your systems running with regular maintenance and spot fixes.


N2 Solutions can assist in creating a physical telecom infrastructures that can keep your signal running clear. You can expect regular maintenance and quick fixes on any issues that may arise.

Preservation SERVICES

Surveillance Systems

Keep an eye on your property with security cameras and monitoring equipment installed by the N2 Solutions team. You can rely on regular camera maintenance and replacement, along with regular updates to the latest security technology.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Along with software solutions, we will preserve physical assets through backup hardware, off-site storage, and other tangible resources used to restore IT operations after a disruption, allowing you to get back up on your feet quickly.

Access Control

When you want to ensure that your properties are only accessible to trusted team members, N2 Solutions can implement smart and secure key card access measures where you need it. We will make it easy track building entraces and quickly disable lost or stolen key cards.


We believe that to have a properly implemented technical infrastructure, it’s best to take a full “full picture” approach. This means you must integrate and optimize each addition to your technical infrastructure. Because of this, N2 Solutions strives to create a fully integrated solution that revolutionizes businesses by standardizing their business processes. We do this by incorporating technology that streamlines an employee’s work. This is done by removing work through integration and automation. We are experts in this implementation process and will make sure that we guide you so that your technical infrastructure is built so that your company can succeed.

Learn more about how our “full picture” philosophy can jumpstart business productivity.

our Work

Here’s some examples of previous work we’ve done for other clients.