What we do

Technical Infrastructure


N2 Solutions will listen to your current issues or challenges and then determine the best course of action. Our company aims to recommend the best plan that not only solves your current issues, but allows you to grow in the future. 


Our developmental strategy works toward architecting solutions that are highly customized for your business and specific company. If existing software does not match your companies needs entirely, N2 Solutions offers custom development to either extend existing software or create new ones.


We offer support for you and your staff. This includes new user and existing staff support. Our support includes: user provisioning, new equipment, technical support questions, and training to keep staff using the best processes.

Digital Branding & Marketing

Marketing Strategy

N2 Solutions’s marketing strategy relies on who you are as a company. With a key understanding of your company, we will define your market and audience, start to design your brand, create a social media presence, and design paid or organic avenues to market on.

Graphic Design

We will create marketing materials to compliment and enhance your brand. N2 Solutions will focus on key aspects of your company to create a defining image. This will allow for your company to get its name out there and show it at its best.

Web Design

To fully publicize your companies reach, N2 Solutions will completely integrate a technical system that is correspondent with your brand. To do this, we will make it mobile compatible, bring in traffic, make sure it is easily applicable, and have it be dynamic across all device screens.

Solving Big Problems

Catapulting businesses into the 21st century by architecting digital solutions that tie all the pieces of a business process together.


Businesses changed

client employees supported

Ongoing Projects

Why we are different

N2 Solutions takes the “full picture” approach. This means, rather than create a band-aid solution; we create a fully integrated system that will dynamically scale with your company as it grows. This allows for an adaptive infrastructure that will decrease process time and increase profit, as well as allow for you to properly scale your company.

Our Latest Work

Here’s some examples of previous work we’ve done for other clients.

From Our Clients

They are very meticulous and have been so very helpful in bringing us into the internet age! Would recommend them highly!”

Rachelle B.

Geneva Restoration

“This company has helped fill in all of my office’s technical holes! The promptness of their service has been unparalleled compared to other companies I’ve worked with. The knowledge and expertise they exude is comforting to me, a person who is quite ignorant in this field of knowledge. Plus they are super gifted at actually listening to our wants and translating that into real world solutions. I am more than pleased being able to work alongside them!”
Joe B.


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