At N2 Solutions, we like to be well rounded. That’s why we’ve mastered a long list of platforms that can help us tackle projects of all kinds. The N2 Solutions team is not limited to these platforms, and our solutions are adaptive to each customer’s needs. Your business needs are unique, which is why we value a diverse skillset.

Below you’ll find a list of platforms we work with.

For a list of the web platforms we work with, click here.



N2 Solutions has years of experience using the Salesforce Platform. Salesforce uses an expansive platform that is built to give you a 360 degree view of your customers’ interactions. We founded our company to help guide you through the complex integrations during your implementation process. Our integrations will give you the highest return on your investment while your business grows.

G Suite is a productivity and collaboration “suite” of services. With products like Gmail, Google Drive, and Google voice that you or your employees may already be familiar with, you can now brand and use them for your company. These services enable your company to collaborate with each other in real time, giving your business a competitive edge and reducing errors.


Pardot is a business-to-business marketing solution that allows you to create email campaigns, custom forms, and landing pages. Pardot allows you to mass email the templates you’ve created to your existing customer base as well as potential customers. Additionally, you can create drip campaigns and customer journeys with this platform.

Marketo allows businesses to automate various marketing tasks, allowing for a smoother workflow and reduced busy work. These can range from lead generation and tracking to digital ad and social management and CRM integration. A one stop shop for all of your marketing needs.  

Google Ads is an advertising platform that allows your company to advertise across Google’s services and their network of partners, allowing you to advertise with Search and Display Ads. 

Home Advisor is a platform that allows contractors to purchase leads and have appointments booked for them. It is a great supplement to other advertising sources. N2 Solutions helps you integrate Home Advisor with your other platforms.

Brand Management

Social media is a great way to get an organic presence as well as a following from your customers. This allows for an increase in web traffic and brand presence. For successful social branding, you need to have a marketing plan and to post on a regular basis to grow your following.

Loomly is a social media management platform built for scheduling social media across a range of popular platforms. It can be a vital tool for coordinating effective social media campaigns with its smart scheduling tools. Loomly also keeps direct messages all in one place, eliminating the need to track multiple messenger apps.

Learning management system

Trainual is a comprehensive training platform that allows for easy onboarding and knowledge transfer. The platform allows managers to create custom training modules tailored directly to their team’s specific needs, and track employee progress through the module to ensure that they are fully euipped for their new role. Trainual can also process and manage employee documents.